Entrance Pass For Verified Street Vendors

05 April, 2020
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Since there were so many Street Vendors who come in Swaroop Garden regularly, during this COVID-19 pandemic, we had to keep everyone safe from all the possible entry points of Corona Virus inside our society and all our nearby places, we restricted the entry of all street vendors in the society except some of them which we have verified in person.

We have allotted Entry Passes to them with President’s Signature on it, and also kept the copies of their Original Document ID with their Photos so that we can know whom we are dealing with.

If you find any street vendor without the Pass, please don’t buy anything from them for the sake of you, your family and everyone’s safety and kindly inform us as soon as possible so that we can aware them regarding the Pass system we have started during this Pandemic situation.

You can call us anytime for any kind of help!

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