Placed Gali Number Indicaors on Street Corners

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Recently, we have placed Gali Number and House Number indicator on every street corner in Swaroop Garden Colony.

This was necessary since many posts and parcel delivery executives were unable to locate the exact locations in the society because of previously used inappropriate addressing systems.

Now, you can mention the exact address of your location for delivery executives to find your pin-point location easily with the mention of Gali Number.

Also, we arranged 3 public benches for establishing in our colony outside the houses. These benches were arranged by Mr. Mangat Ram Bagdi from Laxman Vihar as a Donation to RWA Swaroop Garden. They are placed as follows: 2 benches outside Cap. Radhey Shyam Sharma’s house and remaining 1 outside Mr. Surender Pal’s house in Swaroop Garden.